Release: First Latin Culture NFTs

Raices Brewing Co
3 min readFeb 7, 2022

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Raices Brewing Company


Denver, CO - Raíces Brewing Co announces the release of its first ever NFTs through the platform ( on Monday, February 7, 2022. The release comes at a time when talks about the
metaverse become more prominent, and at the heels of the end of year 2 of the Covid-19 pandemic, where businesses have had to reinvent themselves. Raíces Cultural NFT’s creations respond to our pillars of Community, Culture & Cerveza and our commitment to support the artist community.

Artist Julio Mendoza.

The release features 3 unique digital art pieces crafted by artist Julio Mendoza (ig: @jwlc_art). The art was originally commissioned by Raíces Brewing Co (ig: @raicesbrewing) to celebrate February as the month of love for others, across personal identities and cultures, dubbed in Spanish as Amo Mi Cultura (I Love My Culture), elevating Latin America and Caribbean heritages.
The Denver-based Latin-owned brewery hopes to spark other craft beer projects to tap into the cryptocurrency and metaverse spaces in hopes to innovate and stay relevant to current and future trends. This 3-NFT release
will be the first of many to come in which Raíces will work with Latino artists to develop collectible works of art that focus on the celebration of the before mentioned cultures.

Raíces Cultural NFTs will go on auction for 21 days at and will begin bids at 0.1 ETH. Part of the proceeds for these works of art will always go back to the artists that Raíces is working with and helping promote, and the rest of the proceeds supports artists that participate in our programming at Raíces Taproom in Denver. In order to bid for the works of art, you must have a wallet with ETH, which can be acquired through many different crypto exchanges. offers a simple tutorial on how to do this at:

Raíces Brewing Co. is a Latino owned and operated brewery in Colorado featuring award winning craft beers, a rotating Latin American food selection and on-going cultural events. Raíces aims to become a reference center for those interested in learning about the Latin culture. Raíces is located in Denver, CO in the Sun Valley neighborhood, next to the Platte River and within the Steam on the Platte development.

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Julio Mendoza (Juls) is a Denver-based multi-disciplinary artist who celebrates his heritage through art. His art style "Surrealismo Cultural" or "Cultural Surrealism" focuses on Cultural Identity, Community and Social Justice.

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